Wrist Band printing

Wrist band/ Bracelets surrounding strips worn on the wrist, which can be made from a variety of materials depending on the purpose this can be used the term to refer to the band as a bracelet, similar to a wristwatch, slap or elsewhere sleeves covering the wrist, or decorative or functional difference worn on the wrist for many different reasons. And often wear bracelets and used in a similar manner to the case passes on information, such as stocks or allow people to have access to events. These bracelets are made of plastic rings that are placed around the wrist and are used for identification purposes, exhibition, event, as promotional items etc…

  • Promotional wristband printing
  • Reliable silicon wristband with custom design printing, embossing, debossin, color filling
  • Quick and fast wrist band printing in just 2 hours
  • 100% in house printing facility
  • Tyvek wrist band with multi colors printing
  • Silk screen printing on wrist band or bracelet
  • Rubber band printing for promotional
  • USB wrist band in silicon in various data storage capacity
  • Paper wrist band
  • Vinyl bracelet wrist band
  • Individual access pass wristband with printing
  • Cotton wristband
  • Satin wristband with multi colors printing
  • Cloth wristband
  • Customized RFID wristband
  • Gift wristband wholesale supplier

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