Silk Screen Print

Sahara silk screen printing unit is fully equipped with latest and advanced automatic, manual and semi auto silk screen printing machinery with cutting edge technology heat press facility to quick dry and washable ink printing and services available in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, al ain, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Africa.
Why what is silk screen printing? Screen printing is a printing technique that uses woven mesh to support stencil prevent ink to get the desired image. Forms attached to the open areas of the network that transmits the ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through a network sharp picture to win on the stencil Screen printing consists of three elements: the screen which is the image carrier; and mop. And ink. Used screen printing process porous network tightly stretched on a frame of wood or metal. Tension is necessary for the proper recording accurate color. The network consists of porous fabric or stainless steel mesh. Stencil is produced on the screen either manually or scanned. And to be known as the stencil image printed in other printing technologies this would be referred to as the image plate. Normally screen printing uses for t-shirts, garments printing, cloth label, pvc label, sticker, metal printing, object printing, gift items printing, direct printing, sun shades, bag, and much more

  • Cut colors silk screen printing
  • T shirts silk screen printing
  • Car sunshade silk screen printing
  • Cloth label and tag silk screen printing
  • Box silk screen printing
  • Car sunshade silk screen printing
  • Process colors or multi colors silk screen printing
  • Balloon silk screen printing
  • Wristband silk screen printing
  • Mug silk screen printing

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