Tshirts Embroidering

sahara provides world class premium quality promotional t shirts in polo and round neck with high quality silk screen printing, t shirts logo and name embroidering, multi colors heat press or transfer printming, sublimation printing etc… we use state of the art quality t shirts embroidering machine with 18 head and get fine quality sharp embroidering threading. We accept small and bulk order for embroidering and deliver t shirts in 1 hour to 3 hours time depends on production busy. We take care of all types of embroidering works on garments such as:

  • Customized t shirts with logo and company name embroidering
  • Cap embroidering
  • Shirts embroidering
  • Polo t shirts embroidering
  • Round neck t shirts embroidering  and v neck t shirts
  • Readymade and custom design t shirts with any color design and printing and embroidering
  • Cotton and poly mix t shirts embroidering
  • T shirts woven label embroidering
  • Our services can be available in sharjah, ajman, dubai, al ain, abudhabi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA and African country
  • T shirts silk screen printing with one color to multi process colors printing
  • T shirts tag printing and making
  • T shirts metal tag, woven patch embroidering
  • Reliable t shirts embroidering company at cheap price and quick delivery on time.

sahara t-shirt printing, custom embroidery and personalized clothing, woven label embroidering, woven patch making with embroidering in UAE. Our state of the art quality in house embroidering factory provides endless embroidering services, high quality, reliable services and on time production at really low cost, we have latest and advanced technology t shirts embroidering machinery with cutting edge technology of 9 colors threading with 18 head machine which entirely provide your bulk quantity of t shirts in limited time production that delivered with the highest possible quality and speedy turnaround at cheap price in town.
sahara Embroidery factory is a familiar and decades of experienced garment embroidery and printing company with one stop solution in UAE market and we provide services in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Congo, Somalia and African country, regardless what quantity of t shirts or embroidery stuff you need we here to help with no minimum quantity.

  • Woven label making, embroidering
  • Woven patch making and embroidering
  • Clothing tag and label embroidering
  • Apron embroidering and logo printing
  • Cap embroidering and printing logo
  • Short Sleeve T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Round Neck T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Long Sleeve T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Christmas T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • T Shirts Embroidery
  • Sleeveless T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Organic T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Polos T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Sublimation Logo Embroidering
  • Personalized T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Promotional T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Campaign T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Screen Logo Embroidering T Shirts
  • Silk Screen T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Corporate T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Digital Logo Embroidering T Shirts
  • Vintage T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • T Shirts Fusing Logo Embroidering
  • T Shirts Glittering Logo Embroidering
  • Funny T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Military T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Political T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Wholesale T Shirt Logo Embroidering
  • School T Shirts Logo Embroidering
  • Customized cotton mix t shirts embroidering

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