customized lanyard dye sublimation, edge to edge lanyard printing, multi colors lanyard printing and stitching, lanyard manufacturing unit locally in UAE provides complete range of custom lanyard over edge to edge printing with fine quality multi colors printing and stitching in any size, design and shape with variety of accessories collection based on client requirements. our manufacturing unit has adopted with state of the art technology of lanyard printing machinery with fine quality or roll to roll transfer machinery and finishing equipment provides wide range benefits which can be customized locally in Dubai, UAE such as:

  • highly trained and professional team who operate lanyard machinery
  • experienced and qualified color mixing team
  • trained team for color checking and quality control
  • professional stitching team to get custom lanyard stitching
  • wide range of accessories even custom option
  • satin and polyester lanyard material
  • lanyard ribbon can be available 1mm, 0.8m and 0.75 mm thickness
  • sublimation lanyard can be printed any design, photo, logo and edge to edge patch even solid colors
  • premium lanyards can be customized in 20mm and 15mm width in any length
  • 24/7 lanyard print and manufacturing facility in our dubai factory for any urgent requirements




we provide custom lanyard with various print option based on our client requirements like:

  • customized polyester and satin lanyard can be silk screen printed 1 to 2 colors preferable
  • multi colors edge to edge satin and polyester can be heat press or sublimation transfer
  • rubber printing on polyester lanyard
  • lanyard embroidery with side stitching

customized full colors edge to edge lanyard printing in uae dubai

we offer in house lanyard manufacturing with wide range of printing facility and custom accessories at factory rate in dubai. our local production is really helpful for smaller qty of custom lanyards with desired colors, logo, photo, text and design. we offer reliable customized lanyard even tiny quantity to large scale lanyard production within limited time period to finish locally.

  • dog hook lanyard
  • crocodile clip lanyard
  • oval hook lanyard
  • badge fixed lanyard
  • reel badge with lanyard
  • epoxy lanyard
  • event and exhibition lanyard
  • company access and id cards with lanyard
  • metal hook lanyard
  • lanyard plastic break away on neck
  • lanyard with plastic buckle
  • lanyard with release buckle and button
  • punching lanyard
  • factory rate for all types of lanyard custom and ready made
  • wholesale ready made lanyard in satin and polyester material

for further details on customized lanyard or ready made lanyard please call us now on 044219696, 0509958471 email us now